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Our Team

Christine Maria Røntved

Christine Maria Røntved, DVM, PhD is founder of MyBlood and the owner of CMR On-Site RD. It is a vet-owned business founded in 2011.

Auste Augustyte

Auste Augustyte is a graduate of Master of Science (MSc) in Engineering, Technology-Based Business Development.

Our Vision:

To make the Cheapest, Simplest and most Trustworthy combined CBC-protein blood test solution  on-site usable & affordable for every animal and man worldwide.

Our Mission:

To improve the monitoring of deviations in RBC, WBC and protein blood levels. Thereby improving health and optimising consumption of supplements and antibiotics.

To enhance the ability to blood monitor the basic health of animals. Our device can test for deviations in RBC, WBC and protein levels,  thereby improving health and optimising consumption of supplements and antibiotics to the benefit of veterinarians and owners of pets and livestock.


To improve the veterinarians and owners of pets and livestock’s  blood monitoring of basic health and lack conditions in animals and man related to RBC, WBC and protein abnormal deviations. 

Thereby improving health and optimising consumption of supplements and antibiotics.

Our Values:

Our values:

○ Life improving & saving

To improve the health condition of as many mammal lives as possible by getting frequent health checks.

○ Life improving & saving​
Transparency ○​

Transparency ○

To show people that health monitoring solution can be kept simple and low cost. 

○ Equality

To give access to blood CBC monitoring to everyone.

○ Equality​

Our Goal is to make it possible

Our goal is to be the first company who develops the cheapest and most trustworthy Point of Care (POC) equipment to blood diagnostic in the world using pets & livestock as the model. Future steps would be application of the same method for humans.

Animal health = Human health.

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