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The usage of antibiotics in the horse sector is increasing

The average cost for one blood test for horses is
1450 kr.

Our aim is to reduce it by half or more.

Horse blood parameters

The blood volume of a horse equates to approx. 7-8% of its body weight;
accordingly, the volume of blood in an adult horse of average weight (500 kg) is around 35-40 litres. (FEI campus)

Horse RBC/HB

  • Red blood cells supply the body with oxygen.
  • One millilitre of blood contains between 6.5 and 10.5 thousand million of RBC.
  • Low number of red blood cells cause anemia, while a high RBC is most commonly cause dehydration.
  • Lifespan approx. 150 days.
Horse blood parameters
Horse blood parameters

Horse WBC

  • A high WBC indicates inflammation or infection.
  • A healthy horse has between 5.0 and 11.0 million leucocytes (WBC) per millilitre of blood.
  • Lifespan approx. a few days.

Horse protein

  • The normal protein level in a horse blood is
Horse blood parameters
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