Startup focusing on creating simple and trustworthy blood test solution

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Niels Jernes Vej 10
DK-9220 Aalborg Ø



Christine Maria Røntved +4525321661

Auste Augustyte +4552683301

MyBlood is a startup founded in 2020 by two ambitions women Christine Maria Rødtved, DVM, PhD., and Auste Augustyte who wants to give access to simplified blood test to every mammal on this planet.

MyBlood goal is to be the first company who develops the cheapest and most trustworthy Point of Care (POC) equipment to blood diagnostic in the world. As well to give global and equal access to health care blood screening to all living mammals incl. humans.

MyBlood aims to do it with low-cost technology solution combined with simplicity and trust by creating a complete blood count (CBC) & protein test achieved by a 5in1 solution on-site.

Animal health = Human health.

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